Re-painting furniture – The no hassle method!

I went from living in small quarters of an apartment to a two story home with three different levels that needed furnishing (at least the top 2 levels).  By no means is our home big, but it is the perfect size for us.  We wanted to stay in the city and to be close to work and this home allowed for just that.  Just enough space to entertain and allow me to personalize it any way my heart desired.
My basement only needed a new coat of paint and to keep within budget, we furnished the basement with all of our basic neutrals from the apartment.  I always knew that when I finally had my own home, I would want to go a little more bold than I had in the past.  But at the same time, I wanted to stick to a classic combination – black and white!  I wanted the look of my home to be sophisticated, timeless and chic with a least one bold accent colour.  The accent colour I chose was YELLOW!

My sister was such a great sport and a very patient shopping companion.  I would drag her from one store to the next in search of the perfect yellow accent piece, whether it was HomeSense, Urban Barn, or Restoration Hardware (the outlet of course – more deals to be found) many times the efforts had proven to be fruitless.  When I would stumble across something that would make my heart flutter, whether it be furniture or a statement decorative piece, it was usually out of my budget.  I decided to take things into my own hands.  I was going to create these pieces myself.  I came to the conclusion that I would paint old furniture!  I started with Estate Sales (I’ll post about them soon)  but surprisingly enough, I scored my first cheap ($15) table at a studio sale in the Distillery District 🙂

I love DIYs projects but I also love efficiency.  I hate sanding furniture and striping paint.  I headed to the nearest Home Depot armed with the knowledge that I was not going to make this project harder than it had to be.  I was determined to make this happen.  They introduced me to Zinsser BIN Primer Sealer…this was the solution!

First coat of primer.  My mom was visiting and she brought out the block sander when she saw me painting…I told her, “No need” 🙂

This is a sticky primer perfect for wood and no sanding or stripping of the paint is required.  It’s pretty much like a glue that allows the paint to stick to it.  I’ll be the first to tell you that this baby is expensive! But when you factor in how much time I was saving from not having to strip or sand the table, I was sold.  And since the table was only a whopping $15, I thought, “Let’s make this happen!”  I did spend a little more for quality paint because I had this fear that if the paint chipped I would have to do this project all over again.  I settled on Benjamin Moore’s Yolk…which is a vibrant bold yellow.

I went with the smaller can.  I believe it cost $50 but it was enough to paint three small tables in total so it was still worth the investment 🙂  To eliminate any signs of brush strokes, I used a rolly foam brush that I also purchased at Home Depot.


As well as a small paint brush for the edges and small creases.  After two coats of primer and paint…ta da!  I did it, my first DIY furniture project.


Our two side tables are also painted in the same vibrant Yolk Yellow 🙂


Stay tuned for some more furniture painting adventures when I tackle painting my tables black and white!