Packing – What’s in my suitcase:)

I have been postponing the inevitable…the daunting task of packing.  I love traveling but I’m not a fan of all the work associated with it (e.g. booking plane tickets, hotel, car rentals, packing etc).   However, once I have packed my suitcases, I’m always pleasantly surprised with how seemingly easy it was.  When it comes to packing, I just love to procrastinate.  On average, every time we go on a trip my husband will ask me about 5 times, if I have packed yet.  My sheepish response is usually, “I know, I know, I’m on it!” As the deadline nears, and the days leading up to the trip approaches, I do begin to get nervous.  But for whatever reason unbeknownst to me, I prefer packing the night before.  I guess by then, I have no choice but to get my act together:)  I’m constantly reminded by my ever so organized husband that I need to stop with all the shenanigans and get it done already!

So this brings me to today!  The day before the trip! I hit snooze twice on my alarm clock and then I hear my husband’s voice in the distance. “Make sure you pack…seriously!  Trip is tomorrow!”  I rushed to work for a short meeting and rushed back to begin packing.  I had a slight headache and I was contemplating a short nap but in the end I decided I couldn’t put it off any longer.

So I did a load of laundry and I was ready!

I thought I’d share with you what I’ve packed.  These are items I usually can’t leave home without when travelling.  I’m still debating on whether or not I should check-in my luggage or only bring a carry-on.  So far I can fit everything into my carry-on with the exception of my shoes.  I’m not sure my husband will let me pack my shoes in his luggage:/

It would be nice to not have checked luggage so when we arrive, we can head straight to the rental car kiosk.

Organizing all of the items that will go into my suitcase

I cannot forget:

  • my purse/ wallet
  • my passport
  • print out of Flight tickets or Confirmation #

In my luggage I have:

  • my cell phone/charger (I have cute draw string bags and organizers to keep it all neat)
  • my iPod
  • my hair straightener & hair brush
  • sun screen
  • eyeglasses/ sunglasses
  • pink zippy purse for all my jewelry
  • Gravol/ Advil etc.
  • separate bag to store my dirty clothes
  • anti-bacterial wipes or gel
  • Q-Tips
  • ear plugs
  • reading material (magazine & book)
  • tweezers / nail clippers
  • small mirror
  • my makeup (naked palette, lipstick, lip balm, blush, eyeliner, mascara, face wash, face cream, foundation, press power etc.)
  • lotion
  • tooth brush/ tooth paste/ floss
  • dry shampoo
  • hair ties

The clothes I’ve packed for this four-day vacation include:

  • 2 light summer dresses
  • a pair of jeans
  • airy drawstring pants
  • a t-shirt & undershirt/ tank top
  • an off shoulder top
  • a romper (I might take out because it’s so hard to use the bathroom in it;)
  • a tunic
  • a pair of tights
  • a couple pairs of pjs
  • bathing suit
  • a formal dress for the wedding
  • 3 pairs of shoes (dressy shoes, flats/sandals, wedges)
  • undergarments for each day
I love a neatly packed suitcase. I get this from my mom. Her suitcase is always so neatly packed.  However, keeping it neat during the trip is the hard part;)

I’m notorious for over-packing…I think this time I did ok;)

Yikes…I hope I didn’t forget anything!  If I did, it’s not to late to post and tell me! Thanks!!

I’m finally ready to go!


Take Time to be Thankful

Sorry loves for the long delay!  It’s been a hectic few months at work and now that I’m finally on vacation, I can’t use any more excuses:)  I do fly out to San Francisco this weekend for a wedding but I promise to devote a little more time to this blog once I get back.  San Fran is hands down, one of my absolute favourite cities to visit!

I’m so excited to see our friends from California as well as to see Napa Valley and other parts of California!

I started my post about Staycations but got a little side tracked:)

I just read an article about Blake Lively where she calls out the perfect moms on Instagram.  It got me thinking about Instagram and the internet as a whole.  Our lives are multifaceted and sometimes only the perfect parts are highlighted on social media.  I wouldn’t be proud to post pics of my piled up laundry or my messy kitchen after baking with my sister, but I realize that I wouldn’t want to portray that my life is perfect either.

Am I fortunate to have what I have?  Absolutely.  Do we have our ups and down…most certainly.  However, would I change anything…probably not.  Except maybe, workout more, forgive faster and try to make more time for the ever amazing people in my life.

Often, I am excited to share about a deal or a sale I’ve stumbled upon.  Or talk about the hook ups from friends and family;)

But today, I want to highlight just my life and how fortunate I am.  Both my husband and I are from fairly large families.  Crazy enough, we both have family all over the world.  We are fortunate to not have to pay for hotels when we are in places like France or Switzerland.

There are times when I’m feeling down and I’m frustrated with just life in general and then I get my wake up call.  Usually it’s in the form of my husband reminding me that it’s “First World Problems” and other times I’m awakened by the cruel reality that had my parents not immigrated to Canada, the course of my life would be very different.

So what am I thankful for?  First and foremost: my family – my ever supportive, crazy but loving family (that includes all you extended families members – aunts, uncles, cousins and everyone in between).  My parents’ cousins’ children are just as close to me as my first cousins.  It’s the same for my husband’s family as well.  I love how you care for us and how much you care for one another.

My sister- who I didn’t always get along with growing up but who I love dearly now that we’re adults.  I couldn’t have asked for a better little sister who I can always count on.  We are complete opposites but I wouldn’t change anything about you.

My mom and dad – who still drive me crazy but whom I love so much!  I am the person I am today because of you.

My friends –  I can honestly without a doubt say that I’ve been blessed many times over to have the amazing and supportive friends that I do.  Both my childhood friends, my girlfriends from Toronto and our friends from around the world are truly family to me!  We have so many best friends and we love you dearly!

My job – Work has been a little insane this month…but in the grand scheme of things I have to remember most times I couldn’t have chosen a better career for myself.  It was a hectic month so I think everyone at work was counting the days until it was vacation time:)  One person who loves their job more than me…is my husband.  He’s a doc of the eyes and there are times when I watch him work, I see the love he has for his occupation.  Then it makes me think “Gosh, I wish I loved my job that much!  I mean I like my job a lot but my husband truly loves his job”  We are both so lucky we have careers that we love!

My health – I had a small health scare this year and my insurance guy recommended that we purchase more life insurance.  I thought at the time, “Seriously!  But I’m so young and I have life insurance through work!”  Back to the health scare.  I won’t go into details but to sum it up – I saw many specialists who ran many tests, but finally I’m in the clear!  I thought at one point, I wouldn’t even get approved for more life insurance because of my health, but in the end everything is fine…yay!  I pray that all the people in my life have good health.

My home –  Am I happy that I get to decorate it any way I wish?  Of course!  But what really makes a house truly a home is the people in it!  Thank you family and friends for all the love and laughter you have brought into my home!

My marriage – What makes our marriage work, is that one of us always apologizes.  I’m not going to lie, it takes me a heck of a lot longer to say I’m sorry than my husband.  I am so much more grounded and humble because of him…thank you crazy love of my life!

I’m sure I’m forgetting to give a shout out to many more amazing people in my life but just remember that everyone of you have touched me in some sort of positive way!  For that, I thank you!

The next time I feel down, I will read this post and remember, I need to snap out of it because I’m pretty damn lucky!  And I need to remember that….always!  The perfect posts/pictures do not make my life perfect…but the imperfections make me who I am!  My wise mother said (I hope I got the translation correct): “You may be privileged but you must stay humble and kind because to be my daughter I expect no less!”

Thank you for reading my extremely long post 🙂