My Fav Shortbread Cookies!

If you haven’t tried Mary Macleod’s famous shortbread cookies, it should be on your check list of things to do and try in Toronto.  If you want a taste of heaven in your mouth, make your way to her charming  bakery.   Visit her site and read about her story...very inspirational.

Every year, I try to make an effort and make the trek across town to the bakery to share some of Ms. Macleod’s amazingly delicious goodness with someone.  I had stumbled across her shop by accident.  I was in the Queen East area getting a dress made by Tizz, when I saw the Bakery’s sign.  My sister’s client bought it for their team one year and I couldn’t stop dreaming about these cookies she shared with me.  When I saw the sign, it automatically registered as the very one that was imprinted in my memory.  I had to stop so I could re-live the moment of putting these decadent cookies in my mouth!

Everyone that I have shared them with can’t stop talking about how delicious these cookies are!

Today we received a wonderful surprise.  Our good friends, Michelle and Jessica, left these charming cookies on our doorstep because we were not home.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness Jessica and Michelle!

Recently, we were in for a treat when my sister-in-law bought us Coach House Short Bread Cookies from the One of a Kind Show.  I must say, in my opinion, they came a close second to Mary Macleod’s.  I’m curious to know which ones you all prefer : )

If you are unable to get to Queen Street East, you can still get your hands on these marvelous Macleod cookies.  They can also be purchased at Holt Renfrew, Summerhill Market and even Costco.

If you are feeling ambitious and want to try to make your own shortbread cookies, CTV shared the famous traditional shortbread recipe.

Delicious Assorted Shortbread cookies by Mary Macleod. Thanks again Jess and Michelle!
I get excited just looking at the packaging!
This Coach House Shortbread company comes a close second. If you like your cookies super buttery, you’ll love these:)

If you are unsure of that last minute gift, you can’t go wrong with gifting these cookies!

Happy Holidays everyone!  I am excited to spend quality time with my friends and family and I wish everyone a happy and restful holiday!

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