Welcome Basket for Guest Bedroom

We love having guests in our home.  We are so close to our family and friends that we love getting the opportunity to host dinner parties or BBQs at our house.  We wanted that same welcoming experience to carry into our guest room.

I love the cozy feeling of being in a Bed and Breakfast, so I wanted my guests to have a similar experience in our home.  My husband will usually whip up a gourmet breakfast in the morning with freshly cut fruit and all.



I had stumbled across a few welcome baskets for guest bedrooms on Pinterest and I was excited to recreate one of these fabulous baskets for our guests.

To make it extra cozy, I started leaving tea and fruit for our guests…and Godiva chocolates!  Who doesn’t love Godiva 🙂  I loved my pinch minimergency kit so much that I’ve put one in the guest basket as well.  This is me bribing them to come back;)

FullSizeRender (27)

I created a little welcoming note that I put into a photo frame.

In the next couple of months, we will be having my husband’s cousin G from NYC stay with us as well as my cousin and his girlfriend from Paris!  I can’t wait!

Some of the contents in the basket: magazines, shampoo, conditioner, all the contents in the pinch kit, lotion, Advil, Tide-to-go etc.  One of the magazines is our wedding magazine called OMG (Our Marriage Gossip) that we gave out as wedding favours.  You can be as creative as you wish with your basket.  It was so fun to make because I knew it was going to make our friends and family happy!

Is there something else you would add to your guests’ basket?  Let me know in the comments below!