My pretty tree ;)

I always wanted an elegant Christmas tree but I wanted both chic and rustic elements on it.  Instead of the traditional garland, I used a more modern pearl garland as well as snowflake crystal-like garland.  In my opinion, they worked beautifully together.  Many of the decorations were collected from a few years back.  The ornaments on my tree are from multiple stores: HomeSense, Pier One, Michaels, Starbucks , Chapters, Pottery Barn, etc.  If they are expensive, I’ll usually wait until after the holidays to purchase them on sale for the following year:)

A great tradition to start is one that our cousins Cindy and Becky started with the kids.  They bought clear bulbs and inserted all sorts of cool & neat things into them.  Then every cousin was given a custom-made bulb created by one of the little cousins.  My gift last year contained white feathers in it (add me on Instagram and you’ll see it on there).  There were also pink jewels embedded with the feathers.  Do they know me or what? I loved it…and still do! <3

For this post,  I want to highlight my finds from this year.   Now, I’ll be adding a couple of new stores to the long list for good finds:)

My sis Tiff asked if we wanted to tag along to go to Creative Bag.  I’m so glad we did!  There were so many beautiful things there.  I wanted to buy some pink ornaments but they were going for $5.99/each.  I settled for the gold ones that were on sale instead.  I also scored gold spotted tissue paper for $0.99/small pkg…just what I needed!  My sisters’ purchases included boxes and bags galore!  It was prettiness overload 🙂

Some goodies @Creative Bag

A few weeks ago, I was picking up art supplies and I stumbled upon these 3″ rose gold bulbs at DeSerres.  They are a craft store very much like Micheals.  I think they may have gone further on sale since I’ve purchased them. I got them for $5.99 so roughly a dollar per bulb…a great deal!  I also posted on Instagram, star-shaped copper cookie cutters that I hung on my tree.  I was twirling one around my finger and one landed on my tree…and it looked perfect as an ornament!  I just added twine around each one of them and the rest was history ; )

Rose Gold bulbs @DeSerres

If you love the silver and gold combinations like I do, these bulbs below are on sale for $16.74 (reg. $24) at The Real Canadian Super Store.


I scored ornate picture frame ornaments from Michaels (on sale) last year.  Michaels did not disappoint again this year.  I found the prettiest wrapping paper for $1.50/roll.  They were 20 in x 25 sq ft.  Now my wrapped gifts will compliment my pink, black and white boxes perfectly.
IMG_2533When people come over to our place they ask where I found such pretty boxes with the cutest phrases…HomeSense of course!  Keep in mind with HomeSense, it varies with availability at each location,  so if you see something you like there, make sure you snap it up before it’s gone!  Right now all holiday motifs are 30% off…happy shopping!