Proud to be Canadian!

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Love being Canadian!

Happy New Year everyone!  Mother Nature sprinkled some white love for us and has given us a white New Year!  I was contemplating staying in my Pj’s all day but then I decided to throw on a sweater that’s just as comfortable…my Roots Cabin Cardigan!   It comes in Birch White as well.  It’s the perfect sweater for lounging around in and if I need to dash somewhere quickly, it’s not frumpy and it’s acceptable to be seen in public in.  In fact, it’s both cute and comfortable…my kind of sweater!  I know that Roots is now an international brand but I love how it has Canadian roots;)

As a gift to congratulate me for launching my blog, Tiffany from “The Paper Suitcase“, bought me a signature Hudson’s Bay Blanket…I love everything that’s a part of the HBC collection.  Not only is it sold at Hudson’s Bay, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this collection on sale in Canadian airports.  If you are not familiar with it, it’s a signature collection inspired by over 300 years of Canadian history!  I have been coveting this blanket forever…thank you so much sis!!

If you want to shop my Roots look for less, Bluenotes carries some very cute Canadian sweaters.  I actually got this Canadian sweater below in Stratford when we went to watch a production at the Stratford Festival.  The quality is comparable to Roots and just as warm and comfy.  I purchased my sweater for $39.99 and I was able to take advantage of their buy one get one 1/2 off promotion.  The sweater pairs well with skinny jeans and Hunter boots!

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Happy first Day of 2o16!!

YSL Lipstick…amazing formula that glides on smoothy!

Oh my goodness, can the packaging of these things be any more beautiful?

In the past, it was a known fact that a fashion faux pas was mixing gold and silver together.  Yves Saint Laurent clearly begs to differ with the tube packaging of some of their lipsticks.  To be quite frank, I think they have nailed this trend spot on.  This once frowned upon practice of mixing gold and silver is actually considered haute fashion right now.

This will be a tale of why sometimes it’s ok to push the boundaries of colour combinations and Yves Saint Lauren has never been afraid to do so:)

I had heard amazing things about YSL’s Volupte Shine & Volupte Sheer Lipsticks from my girlfriends!  There were so many dazzling colours to chose from but my sisters and I managed to narrow it down to three colours: Lingerie pink, Nude beige and a Rouge Volupte Shine #28.  But they were all sold out at The Bay sale!  Yes, you can find these lovelies at Hudson’s Bay : )  We managed to nail down our second choices of Volupte Sheer Candy and Rouge Volupte shine #21.  Our online orders went through…yay!  The colours are oh so beautiful in person!

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YSL lipsticks come in the most beautiful shades and glide on beautifully

We caught only the tail end of the sale just in time.  The sale was ending at midnight and we didn’t start our order until around 11 pm.  It was a girls’ sleepover night at my place and we all had forgotten about the sale until it was almost too late!  We were out Christmas shopping and with the new extended hours, we didn’t even realize how late we were out;)  Thanks Tiff, for all your help!

These beauties can also be purchased at Holt Renfrew and Sephora too.

A creamy formula that glides on smoothly, was what everyone was raving about!  And the prettiest scent to boot!  All the reviews were completely accurate and now I can be added to the list of adoring fans.

I came home to this in my mail box after a lovely brunch with some gfs. I love getting new parcels in the mail!  Only took two days to get to me!

Here is what’s currently on sale in the cosmetics department at The Bay: