Love of Laundry…not!

I have a husband who is rather particular about how laundry is done!  When it was just my sister and I living in our apartment, I had one hamper which I threw all my clothes into.  Half of the time I would roll my jeans up and pretend I was shooting hoops, which said a lot about my athletic ability since the clothes would end up around the basket.  I would eventually collect all my random clothes and throw them back in my basket.  When it was time to do my laundry, I would sort my clothes into various piles, darks, whites, colours etc.  My husband was away at school at the time so I was pretty set in my ways.  However, when he returned he was appalled about how I did my laundry.  I would never admit this to him, but his system makes a lot more sense than mine 😉  First, he went and purchased laundry dividers/sorters that he got from Walmart.  He looked at other stores, but only found 3-bag laundry sorters, but Walmart had 4.  Online I could only find ones with 3 dividers, hopefully they still have the 4-bag sorters.

Now when we do laundry, we divide our clothes into 4 categories: Whites, Darks, Colours, & Delicates.  It is important to always wash your clothes in the appropriate water temperature:  Hot water for whites to keep them bright, and cold water for darks to prevent them from fading.  I used to wash everything in warm water, but then my whites didn’t look too bright.

When he’s not looking, sometimes the little thrill seeker in me would roll up my clothes into a ball, shoot, and just hope for the best!  Especially when I am tired, I don’t always follow the sorting rules but this gets me in trouble with the laundry drill sergeant and he’s constantly shaking his head but I still see a little smile hidden there.  He knows that even though my quirks drive him crazy, he’s kind of stuck with me 😉


We also use a completely different laundry basket for our clean clothes that we take out of the dryer.  This one folds flat so we can hang it on the inside of our closet door.  Love how it says “CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN.”  Another great HomeSense buy!
Lastly, I’m loving this rolley basket that I leave in the guest room.  After their stay, visitors throw their towels in there and I can take it directly to our laundry room in the basement.


Do you have a laundry method/system?  Or are you more of a free spirit like me and prefer to play bball with your clothes? 😉  Do you have any great tips for laundry organization?  Let me know in the comments below!