Starbucks Online Sale

48 k-cup pods for $15.57 plus tax. Came in packages of 12

If you love Starbucks and enjoy their Christmas blend, then I have an online special for you.  If you have a Keurig machine, the K-cups are on sale for $15.57 (reg. $25.95) for 24 pods. Use promo code BIG1XMASKCUP for buy one, get one free.  I got 48 k-cups for $15.57…amazing!  However, there is a standard shipping fee of $7.95 that applies if your order is under $75.  I ordered it online and within two days, the shipment arrived at my doorstep.  Enjoy the deal!



Last minute stocking stuffers! Guaranteed to make any gal swoon!

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If you are still on the hunt for stocking stuffers that will surely trigger an “Ohhhh” reaction…I have the perfect stocking stuffer ideas for you.

How absolutely adorable is this Emergency PINCH Kit for her!  Not only did mine come in the chicest bag, but the contents are actually droll worthy!  If you are ever in a “Pinch” or in a bind…this kit can save you:)  Makes for a great bridesmaids gift too!

It comes in different colours and can be found at both Indigo and at Sephora.   I believe my girlfriends mentioned that at both places it retails for $22.  If the site that you’re directed to has it for less, it’s more than likely quoting you in U.S. dollars.  I loved receiving this as a gift, and I’m sure a special someone in your life would love it too!  Something to keep in mind for next year…it goes on sale on Black Friday!

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How amazing is its content!

Below is another tumbler to add to my ever growing collection.  Starbucks tumblers fit nicely in a stocking, however it may feel like you are receiving a sack of coal 🙂  Head to your nearest Starbucks now because they are currently 30% off.  It retails for $21.95 but with an extra 30% off, you can’t go wrong!  I actually bought this for a girlfriend when it wasn’t on sale a few weeks back.  She loved it!  I believe it’s a part of their Wall Travel collection.  What’s note worthy is the extra rockstud-like accent…droll.  I have this habit of buying myself the same things I buy for my girlfriends.  I told myself this year, I would break that habit.  But who can resist a sale!  Now that it’s on sale, I had to snap one up!

So pretty…black tumbler/mug from Starbucks!


My sister bought me this beautiful white beauty below…thanks sis!  The retail price for this one is a little bit higher. With a gold rim and a quilted body, it’s only fitting that it is a part of their “Brilliant Collection”  Good job Starbucks and your design team for creating these luxurious looking tumblers/mugs.  I think the team must have been channeling Valentino and Chanel for their inspiration…love!  And the fact that it can hold caffeine goodness inside, I couldn’t be happier 😉

Part of Starbucks’ “Brilliant Collection”

Here’s some pink prettiness to share with you all:

Who wouldn’t want to feel pampered with this gold manicured set.  The “IT” colour this season is rose gold.  This regal looking set also folds into the prettiest gold purse.  This can be found for $14.99 at Winners.  Unfortunately it’s not allowed in your carry on, but if you’re checking in a bag, it should definitely come along on the trip!  Fits nicely into a stocking 🙂

FullSizeRender (10)
Rose Gold Manicure set – Winners Find!


This pink PocketBac hand sanitizer is only $1.00 and on sale at Bath and Body Works (Outlet).  I love throwing these babies in each purse I carry.  My sister, my sister-in-law and I spent a whole day Christmas shopping and it was so nice to get a bit of my Christmas shopping out of the way.

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How adorable is this Moet look-a-like air fresher below from Bath and Body Works?  It’s 75% off,  making it a steal for $1.50!  Bonus: There is a good selection of different scents (inserts) for 4/$10.

Perfect for my sister, but it’s not happening in my car.  My husband and I share a car and I’m already pushing it with all the pink presents under my tree.  I used the argument that it’s highlighting the launch of my blog so I think that’s enough cause for a pink, gold and black celebration 😉  Unfortunately, my husband may not feel the same about these sentiments.  He’s super supportive, just not a big fan of pink lol!


If you would like to see where I got some great deals for the decorations for my tree and where I purchased the boxes and the wrapping paper (Gold accent wrapping paper was as low as $1.50/roll!), stay tuned for my next post!  I still have some shopping left to do for Christmas so I still have a lot of wrapping to do;)  Happy last minute shopping everyone!